dimanche 25 juillet 2010

I wonder...

This evening Josh said to me:

"Today I went swimming in my underwear. People looked at me funny, but I think it was because of my hat."

If we were in France, he would have been right. If we were in the US...not so much. But where does Spain stand on the swimming in underwear vs. floppy sunhat opinion spectrum? This is something they have neglected to discuss in my "Spanish Culture" class. But we do have class again tomorrow; maybe I'll bring it up.

Update: I DID ask the culture professor about it. She said a hat was normal for summer, and then burst out laughing when I mentioned that Josh had gone swimming in his calzoncillos. Case closed.

3 commentaires:

  1. It is very normal looking underwear, as opposed to my hat, which apparently is not yet in style in Europe.

  2. Swimming in the public fountain while wearing a t-shirt and/or underwear is pretty common in Philly. Josh is practically a cultural ambassador--whatever happened to the cooking show?

  3. Ah! the show didn't choose our philly-menu proposal. Which is probably good, even though they were dissing the city of brotherly love, because they would have filmed the episode during exams.