mardi 6 juillet 2010


Where would you guess we are if I told you the yogurt aisle has diminished in quality and been joined by...

A ham aisle, including such delicacies as meat-laced pork fat?

I bit into an egg roll the other day and instead of cabbage and shrimp it was stuffed with ham and cheese.

For those who prefer "fruits of the sea," this octopus looks like he’d like to end up on your any rate, I think he’s trying to escape from the freezer case.

Still need a hint about where we are? This is what we were doing last Saturday night.

We’re here for this summer so I can start working on my masters at the university here.

First task: find out if masters is written “masters” or “master’s.”

Second task: stop strolling around town and drinking sangria and hit the books!

¡Hasta pronto!

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