mardi 8 juin 2010

That's What It's All About (+ Tour de France cancellation notice)

One of my (barely English-speaking) co-workers confessed to me today that she's now blowing off steam while stuck in traffic by singing the hokey pokey at the top of her lungs (plus gestures). She bought a CD with the "Okeee Pokeee," "Five little Monkeys" and the peanut-butter-jelly song for her class, but she's definitely going to be listening to it over the summer.

In other news, our Tour de France has been canceled (not the real Tour de France, the one Josh and I were doing as we ate our way through the country's cheeses). I was starting to put on les kilos and I wasn't going to be able to wear my summer clothes if I didn't back off the fromage! The other reason is that we hit a bunch of cheesy duds. Sortof lackluster brie-like cheeses. This one was so mediocre we spent almost no time talking about it. Instead, we worked out the minimum number of measurements we could take from what remained of the cheese and still be able to calculate what percentage we had already eaten.

I think we settled on knowing the circumference and one angle. We had switched to picking our cheeses up at the convenience store instead of the farmers market and we got our due (the brillat savarin came from a convenience store but apparently that was the exception to the rule). I think I also let myself get wooed into buying crappy cheeses by their pretty packaging.

So, our Tour de France is over, but we did have another culinary concours, the Picard Challenge, for which we ate only frozen tv dinners for a week just to see if we could do it. But I will report back on that once I have done some studying for my exams.

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  1. Aw, a sad day (the cancellation). But I do eagerly await the Picard challenge results!!