lundi 17 mai 2010 bien sûr!

Lest you think that the people of Cannes have enough glamour in their lives that they aren't interested in Miss Monroe:

Here she is on the sign of a beach restaurant:

Here are 3-D Marilyn portraits gracing the wall of a café where we (and many lanyard-wearing festivalgoers) got a snack:
The artist painted these portraits and then added real bijoux--the top Marilyn has earrings and a necklace stuck on to the canvas and the bottom Marilyn's collier is made from a vintage rhinestone brooch. The top Marilyn also seemed to have some problem with her lips. We think they were put on crooked.

And in case you're only driving by the outskirts of Cannes but still need your Marilyn fix, here's a giant mural:

We also popped into a store ("Bathroom Graffiti") with an entire Marilyn section: espresso mug sets, Marilyn's-lips sofas, makeup bags and I think I lost track after that.

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