mardi 20 octobre 2009

Rijstpap, Vanillesmaak

Nope, it's not the refrain of a Regina Spektor song. It's the Dutch food product of the day!

Earlier in the year, Josh and I decided we would learn Old English for something fun to do in the evenings. We found a great online tutorial. . . but we haven't had much time to devote to such luxuries lately.

However, we can always spare a minute over the dinner table to read our food product labels in Dutch. Many big-brand (or off-brand) foods here are labeled in Dutch (which the French call "Neerlandais") and French, I guess because they're marketed in Belgium. So Josh and I get our Germanic-language fix by reading the labels to each other and making the other person guess what the words mean. Want to play? Here you go:

What's in the box of apelsaap?

And what am I eating when I take a spoonful of rijstpap, vanillesmaak?

Answers to follow.

3 commentaires:

  1. Dutch is always a difficult language for me to come up with cognates . . .
    Apelsaap must be . . . apple juice!
    Vanillesmaak must be . . . beating down white people?

  2. I guess I would be cheating if I would answer :)
    So cool you found the bilingual food! I'm actually a fan of rijstepap, vanillesmaak. Can you by stroopwafels as well?

  3. Oops, did I ever put up the answer?
    Wouter, I agree--rijstepap vanillesmaak (aka vanilla rice pudding) is quite yummy. And were right about apple juice. And I gotta say...I think rijstepap vanillesmaak sounds like something a pro wrestler might grunt as he (or she) bodyslams someone.

    Stroopwafels...are those the little cookies filled with caramel? We get those in the US...