jeudi 1 octobre 2009

Happy Thoughts

School has started, and with it, tension headaches. I'll complain later, but now it's time to dwell on the positive. SO:
Happy thoughts of the day:
Apple-Litchi soda from Monoprix.
A huge English-language section in our town library (and Salman Rushdie's new book was FINALLY there!).
The bank teller taking 10 minutes to teach me to make deposits at a French ATM.
Finding a bookstore/café with iced coffee (yes, ice cubes!) plus all the books of the twilight saga.
Flintstones gummy vitamins instead of the gross adult ones.
Josh being willing to walk (downhill) to school to pick up my bike for me when I didn't feel like riding it home (uphill).
Chocolate Brioche.
. . . Ok, I feel better now.

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