samedi 20 juin 2009

Walk Home

So after complaining about my boring old walk home, I thought I'd illustrate it--at least the pretty part.

From the bus station, I walk behind a bunch of modern apartment buildings, then up through my ritzy shopping plaza (sorry, no pictures) and around the Rotonde.

Today we're taking a quick detour down the Cours Mirabeau, the main drag. On one side, we have old mansions.

On the other side, cafés.

And down the middle of the street are old fountains. I've heard that there was some law that they couldn't be blocked or destroyed because shepherds used them as they brought their flocks through during seasonal migrations. Now the only ones drinking out of them are puppies and pigeons. Several are thermal sources and grow plants year round!

Here we are at Monoprix, a department and grocery store. Tonight's dinner: frozen moussaka and salad, both found in the Monoprix basement. We'll also pick up a box of honey nut cheerios, which are just honey wheat cheerios here.

After we leave Monoprix and the Cours Mirabeau, we're on single-lane pedestrian streets. This means we are more likely to get run over by cars and/or motor scooters.

We'll meander past the house that found a way to compensate for the fact that the street cut through the corner of the property. It's next to the Natural History Museum.

By the way, we just walked past the store "L'Occitan en Provence." It's really from Provence. So is this great jewelry store, Saoya en Provence. Josh got my Christmas present there this year, and my brother bought his fiancée something there, too.

As we walk up the street, let's try to peek in open doors of old mansions. This one, which we've nicknamed "the puffy door" is always closed.

But sometimes the Aix-en-Provence city history museum is open.

We'll pass the boulangerie and try to ignore the tartes in the window.

My feet are getting tired! Now you see why I like to change my route--this is a long walk. Once we see the clock tower of town hall, we know we're getting close, though.

We go under the clock tower's arch:

And then we're on my street. Pretty soon we're at the place in front of the cathedral.

And then. . . Home!

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  1. j'adore aix-en-provence!!! tu as de la chance! j'espere que vous allez bien la-bas. Kira