lundi 1 juin 2009

Dogs, Babies, and Dreaming Cats

The weather here is BEEEE-yu-tee-ful and the sunlight on the ochre-colored buildings is gorgeous. Everyone is out enjoying the sunshine as usual. Lots of dogs and babies here in Aix. LOTS OF DOGS AND BABIES. On my walk down to town center the other day, I spent most of the time behind a man walking three little dogs. They were all about the same size and wagged their tails and bounced along together like some kind of circus act or cheerleading squad. On our way down toward the post office, we passed at least four or five toddlers in strollers--all of whom turned around to watch the dogs go by.

Here he goes. . .

And here's a better shot.

He's walking past a great little gift shop, Le Chat Rêveur, The Dreaming Cat. Yes, that's a goat in the window.

Le Chat Rêveur sells fun things like post cards and funny placemats and clocks and whiteboards, all with little comics and slogans that seem much funnier in French than they would in English. I always want to buy people presents there, but I can never pick just one thing to get.

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