dimanche 1 mars 2009

Le Printemps est arrivé!

Spring is here! The thermometer hit 16 Celsius yesterday and a friend and I walked up to Cezanne’s atelier. By the time we reached the workshop on the steeeeeep hill north of the city, I was wearing a tee shirt. The birds were singin’ and the sky was blue. I waited by a rustling bush long enough to see a rouge gorge, the first French bird I’ve seen in person other than a pigeon or magpie (I saw, from a bus window, some kind of grand heron wading in a puddle a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t count).

Friday we also had evidence of spring. We went to a local park to enjoy the sunshine and there were daffodils and pansies in bloom. I retired my winter coat . . . hopefully it can stay out of commission for the rest of the year as it’s in dire need of a dry cleaning.

The park is a "jardin à la Française," classic French gardens in front of an old mini-chateau. Now the house is an art gallery, and the park is a great place to enjoy le soleil or a pain au chocolat.  These pictures are actually from a park visit in September--imagine pansies beside the walks now.

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