mardi 17 mars 2009

La Belle-Mère

Our noisy neighbors are playing a loud techno version of the "Imperial March" from Star Wars. I kindof want to go over and yell at them. Or join their party. Which to choose?

We're currently hosting a visit from our (my) "belle-mère," which means "beautiful mother" and is French for both mother-in-law and stepmother. It gets a little confusing when someone discusses both parties at the same time, but in general, it's a rather lovely way of putting it.

So, avec ma belle-mère and my belle-grandmother, it's a whirlwind of cafés, pastries, museums, and cute little shops. Fun to have them, and also to have the "home comforts" they brought in their suitcases. The peanut butter was almost immediately turned into the flourless peanut butter cookies from my new favorite reading material, the great foodie blog "Everybody Likes Sandwiches." The cookies made me late for school (I started making them at 7:50 as breakfast before an 8:00 am class) but were worth every peanut-buttery bite.

Donc, je vais dormir (off to bed) because these two "belle" ladies have worn me out. Too much sight seeing! Too many glasses of rosé! Bonne nuit!

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