mercredi 6 avril 2011

Fille ou Garçon?

So, time to come clean. We found out Bout'Chou's gender and we're having a...

Petite Fille!

I made my first purchase for her yesterday: how could I resist a pink and purple bib that says "bout'chou" on it?!? I gave it to Josh when we got in the car afterward and he held it the whole way home--baby girl is going to have daddy wrapped around her pudgy fingers faster than you can say "macaron." The funny thing is, now that we've got the idea of a girl swimmin' around in there, bout'chou seems like too masculine of a she's turned back into "the baby" or "bout de chouette" which means nothing (well, literally translated it means "little piece of owl") but it does sound more girly.

As much as I wanted a girl, I was a little bit in shock after the sonogram. I was so convinced there was a boy in there. The sonographer had to point everything out in very explicit detail before I would believe that the baby wasn't "packing heat." This girlygirl will be the FIRST ONE in FIVE GENERATIONS born into my husband's family. We all thought it was statistically impossible that we could have a child without a y chromosome. In fact, Josh's mom and future sister in law both cried when we told them the news. (For our sister in law, this means there's hope!)

And how did Josh take the news? He had originally decided not to find I was going to keep Bout de Chouette's gender a secret. And I did, for three days. And then, we were heading back to the US for a wedding, and in line at airport security:

Me (muttering to myself): Ow, she just kicked me right in the intestines.
Josh: WHAT did you just say?
Me: Um...the baby just kicked me in the intestines?
Josh: No, WHAT did you just say?
Me: oh, um...did you hear that?
Josh: WE'RE HAVING A GIRL?!?!?!? (tries to pick me up and jump up and down at the same time)
Airport Security Person: NEXT.

He was absolutely ecstatic. (Josh, not the airport security person.) He told the woman sitting next to us on the plane, "We're having a baby girl!" and had a dopey, adorable smile on his face for about five hours. He's going to be one happy daddy.

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  1. PS Mom, my teeth do NOT need to be intensely whitened, it's just the lighting in the picture. I promise.

  2. Congratulations on le petite fille! I'm partial to them, thus far :)

  3. Awwwwwwwwww, the bout'chou bib is perfect!! Haha. Wow, FIVE generations? You'll be the new matriarch!

  4. awww, i'm getting all teary from finding this out too! and all i did was live down the street from josh's family... YAYYYYYYY =) =)