mardi 27 avril 2010

Café Therapy

Today while we were eating breakfast, a cockroach sauntered--sauntered! across the kitchen floor. He changed his tune when Josh started thwacking at him with a bottle but it was too late. My peace of mind was tuée.

But, nothing to calm a girl down like a nice cup of jasmine tea and some cheery music. After an afternoon of cockroach battling, I walked up the street to my favorite bar/coffee shop, which I can't help loving for it's great vibe even though the owner is really rude and mean.

I sat at a table in the shade of the horloge, the iconic Aixoise clock tower, and sipped my tea and did homework (and sudoku...). And then, a young guy with a guitar and an amp set himself up and played some fantastic late-teens/early-twenties style jazz. It was just what I would have picked if I were making a movie of myself sitting in a café feeling happy. So soon the music did its magic and I was smiling and wishing I could take a picture...and then I remembered the magic of my macbook and here you go:

It's really disorienting to look at it, since it's a mirror image! The building straight ahead is the library and post office, and the town hall is on the left.

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