samedi 20 mars 2010

Sophisticated French Lunch

Josh is away again playing in a frisbee tournament for the weekend. My goal: to do all the laundry (about 5 loads), mop the floor, do my homework, and eat something other than yogurt and nutella, which wouldn't even get the dignity of being a nutella sandwich, since we still haven't found a good baguette anywhere near our new apartment. So far I've succeeded: we had some leftover french onion soup in the fridge....but f.o.s. needs those giant cheese-covered croutons. How do you eat it without baguette?

Answer: goldfish crackers.

I originally just brought goldfish back to France to give to my students (it was one of our vocab words this fall). But I feel like the more we see of the world, the more we can appreciate some previously-overlooked good things from the US. Taking away their context helps us see them "outside the box." Here, goldfish aren't just a kids' snack...they're a delightful cheesy cracker perfect with a sweet muscat wine for a pre-dinner aperitif. And what could better accompany them than a sweet-and-savory tomato dip? Mmmmmmm, goldfish and ketchup.

Actually, I think I'd stick with sundried tomato tapenade for any goldfish dipping, but Josh had ketchup on his pre-tournament scrambled eggs this morning and it was looking pretty delectable.

Alright, I've gotta go to the grocery store and throw all this laundry in a dryer somewhere.... five loads is just WAY to much to hang dry in our apartment. No more blogging and back to work. And by work I may or may not mean trying to make savoury carrot panna cotta, which we got last night at a restaurant in our neighborhood and want to marry. I mean make ourselves some time.

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