dimanche 15 février 2009

Stocking our fridge

The stink of the stench!
The stench of the stink!
The things in your fridge
Smell worse than you think!

Emptying out the two little forgotten tupperware containers in the back of the fridge moved Josh to poetry. We think their former contents were mozzarella cheese and condensed milk.

Yesterday we did a “major shop” at Carrefour, our local super grocery store. It’s big even by American standards and is basically the equivalent of a really large American grocery store plus a Walmart. We had planned to borrow a friend’s car but she ended up using it. No matter, it’s an easy bus ride. The only problem was, we ended up with two backpacks, five giant re-usable shopping bags, and a new trash can full of things like orange juice, milk, and canned stuff. We kindof forgot we were going to have to carry it. . . but we managed, and our new shopping motto is, “Carrefour? What do you need a car for?!?!” Here’s a picture of Josh with the cart, but the photo is flattering to the extremely overweight contents of our grocery bags and they don’t look as big and heavy as they were in real life. By the way, notice the French shopping cart. Slightly larger than an American cart (if I remember right) and eight times more difficult to steer. Apparently there’s some kind of rule in France that says shopping carts have to veer to the right at all times.

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