vendredi 19 décembre 2008

If You're Out On The Road . . .

We’ve passed several days of rejoicing over our internet before remembering that cable TV was included in the deal. So, this afternoon, we hooked up the TV borrowed from Josh’s coworker. We have something like seventy channels, and as I started flipping through, I found one playing. . . GILMORE GIRLS. Now, I have not before had a public forum in which to admit my Gilmore Girls fixation, so you might not have known that I’ve missed Lorelei’s pop culture references and Rory’s demure mumbling. But now, I’ve been reunited with Sookie, and Luke, and all the Stars Hollow gang, and can completely justify spending hours with them since now they’re speaking (extremely rapid) French! It’s a little weird to hear Alexis Bledel enunciating, but she and Lauren Graham both make total sense as French women, and TV here has no commercials during programs. What a great Christmas/Hannukah present! It could only be topped by a vacuum . . . oh, wait, my mother in law is giving us one. I love holidays!

2 commentaires:

  1. ... feeling lonely, and so cold/All you have to do is call my name, and I'll be there . . ."
    When I lived in Waltham, my roommate (a guy) was really into GG. So, in the spirit of roommate bonding, I watched it with him, every week, for about a whole season. Yes, I did. Did we talk about this before?

  2. Wow, does this imply that Slu would watch Korean dramas with me? :)